Traffic Laws that Need to Be Enforced: Large SUVs are illegal on residential streets.

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There are a variety of driving laws that were written, passed, and need to be enforced as per the State Constitution. As such, all Hummer H2s, Ford Excursions, Lincoln Navigators and other large SUVs are illegal to drive on the streets of most communities who limit the amount a vehicle can weigh to use such roads to 6000 pounds. In addition, those vehicles and others that weigh over 6000 pounds are illegal to drive on the Pasadena Freeway, according to Cal Trans. That’s right; no large SUV can use the Pasadena Freeway legally. And we are talking about the Gross vehicle weight rating which means that almost all large SUVs are not allowed on residential streets pretty much everywhere.

Too Heavy for Residential Streets

Get these top heavy, polluting, parking lot hogs out of residential areas and into the commercial zones where they belong. It also makes you wonder why these rapidly depreciating SUVs shouldn’t be considered trucks due to their weight and size and have their freeway speeds reduced. This would make it safer for all concerned.

Driving with fog or driving lights on is against the law except during inclement weather. The police need to stop and ticket those drivers as per the law. A vehicle may be equipped with not more than two fog lamps mounted on the front which may be used in addition to the headlights only when there is fog, rain, snow, smoke, or dust, reduce the daytime or nighttime visibility of other vehicles to less than 500 feet. It is not legal to drive with driving lights or fog lights on at any other time. Driving with more than your headlights on is against the law and shows disrespect for others who may be blinded by these lights

When two auxiliary lights are installed, one shall be mounted at the left side and one at the right side at the same level and as close as practical to the sides. When one lamp is installed, it shall be mounted as close as practical to the left side or on the center of the vehicle.

You must have your headlights on when you have your windshield wipers on. That is the law and it is a good one. Using a vehicle’s headlights increases visibility during inclement weather. Low beam headlamps shall be used when following another vehicle within 300 feet. In addition, you must turn on your headlights no later then 30 minutes after sunset and keep them on until 30 minutes after sunrise.

A license plate must be on the front and back of every vehicle. Period. And you can’t cover the license plate with a devise intended to obstruct or impede the reading of the plate.

A driver may not stop in a crosswalk for a red light.
On one-lane roads the vehicle going downhill must yield 
to the vehicle going uphill while the ascending vehicle is on a grade.
U-turns are prohibited in a business district
except at intersections or through openings
in a divided roadway. 
Turn signals are required 100 feet turning. 
Vehicles shall be stopped or parked, where
permitted, with the right-hand wheels
within 18 inches of the right-hand curb.
The operator of a private motor vehicle is
responsible for the use of seat belts or
child’s seats for all passengers.

You cannot smoke while driving with anyone under the
age of 17 in the vehicle.
It is not legal to display, install, or attach
anything to a windshield or rear windows
except for the 7-inch square in the lower corner
of the windshield or rear window
or a 5-inch square in the lower corner of the
windshield nearest the driver.
It is against the law to use a cell phone that does
not have hands free operation. It is also dangerous
to use cell phones at any time as they distract and
are a leading cause of accidents. Those under
18 cannot use cell phones regardless.

It is illegal to drive too slowly and block traffic or create a road hazard.

At night all bicycles must have a front and rear light as well as reflectors on the pedals or on the riders shoes or ankles.

Finally, in California if you see a gasoline powered vehicle that is smoking you can report it to the South Coast Air Quality Control Board and the owner will receive a notice of the incident by calling 1-800-CUT-SMOG. This is a very valuable tool, as sometimes the owner may not know the vehicle needs repair.

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Death Rates for Small Car Occupants Down: Large SUVs, Trucks Dead

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The death rate for drivers for small cars continues to fall and are now at the same rate as drivers of large pick-up trucks giving small car scared cats a glimpse of the reality that big vehicles are not safer for the vast majority of families. Of course, the full-size sedans are still the safest if they are over the 3000-pound threshold that seems to be the touchstone for the highest safety ratings.

This is good news for intelligent buyers as large SUVs, such as the horrible Hummer H2, are literally being abandoned on the sides of the marketplace as people fight to buy safer and more fuel frugal small cars. In fact, the average dealer lot time before sale of a Prius is four days. It takes months for someone dumb enough to want to buy a large SUV to show up and qualify. Rebates over $5000 are not uncommon and as the end of the model year looms closer rebates on the Hummer and other dreadnaughts might hit $10,000. Residual values could set new records for loss rivaling those of the ill-fated Yugo as the truck chassis based SUVs find few buyers and less dealers interested in taking these slow movers as trade-ins.

In an effort toe save the company Ford and General Motors are both trying to make their rigs more attractive and even Toyota is offering huge incentives on its large pick-ups. Unfortunately, Chrysler doesn’t have a single quality high mileage compact in its fleet and is gambling on freshly designed Dodge Ram to woe the public in the fall. What we find the most upsetting is the Chrysler’s excellent minivans are not finding owners despite good gas mileage and tremendous passenger and cargo carrying capabilities. They have the most family friendly interiors of any minivan, too.

What is most fascinating is that the owners of large pick-ups usually owe more than the deflating value of their truck. The good news here is the workers still use pick-ups and their purchase can be justified. Large SUVs are another matter. There is no practical use for a Hummer H2, Lincoln Navigator, or Ford Excursion that can’t be solved with a more environmentally friendly vehicle. The excuse that I use it to tow a trailer or boat is losing its appeal when you are paying fifty cents a mile for gas. And, they aren’t safer.

According to Charles Oglesby, CEO of Asbury Automotive, the trucks are worth so little that people are just keeping them and buying a small car. Sadly, it looks like they are going to own the gas gulper for a long time because unless someone starts to cut down on speculation fuel is going to suck the energy out of the economy. By the way, gas should cost less than $70 a barrel. The rest of it is to pay for speculator’s profits not that Big Oil isn’t enjoying record profits at the expensive of the nation.

The surge of interest in hybrids is overwhelming with stock barely getting into dealer lots before it’s sold. The lines are only going to get longer so it is good thing that those big Hummers and other monsters of the highway give a lot of shade for those waiting for the fuel friendly vehicles to arrive.

Interestingly, diesel powered vehicles are still not on many people’s radar and this could be good news for early shoppers for Volkswagen and Mercedes new products. Diesel cars don’t get quite the mileage as hybrids, but they are better on the highway and less expensive to maintain. Of course, finding a diesel fuel station in some parts of the country isn’t easy, but they are just as good as gas powered vehicles, and much better in terms of longevity and miles per gallon.

The number of children who have been run over by large SUVs and the crowded freeways has created technology options that are increasing in demand. The blind spot detection system is very good, we love the one on the Cadillac, and the back up sonar and cameras, Nissan has the best, are gaining buyers. The outlawing of hand held cell phones is making wireless systems a hot item. Don’t leave the showroom without one because in time this is going to be in the same category as a radio when it comes to resale.

Suzuki, makers of an under-valued new SX4 sedan and small SUV, is going to make a GPS available next year that is portable. It is also much less expensive and easier to update than those that are permanent.