Chinese New Years starts on January 26th

January 26th is Chinese New Years. Here are all sorts of lessons, crafts, and ideas for learning more about this celebration

Chinese Olympics Resources

by Alan Haskvitz

The free lessons, links, and resources have been moved here to save space.

I have them posted here:

also use the search engine to find more specific free lessons.

Starting August 8th, the Chinese Olympics can provide a teachable moment for students at the start of more traditional school years. It is over on August 24th .

It is very difficult to find good educational resources so keep this site bookmarked.

New Year lessons and ideas including Chinese New Years resources

By Alan Haskvitz

A great many teachable moments can be used with the excitement and possibilities of a new year. Here are some large link sites that have a variety of materials for students of all ages.

Stories and lessons about New Years around the world

Lots of free plans and printables.

All types of lessons and links for Chinese New Years.

This is the Year of the Rat and starts February 7th.

Winter holidays around the world

Lessons and ideas for primary grades

Resources for most every holiday are posted here

English as a Second

Language (ESL)teaching


By Alan Haskvitz

Try this site with several levels for ESL students in reading, speaking and writing.  A difficult site to navigate, but the materials are good.

Research immigration and family histories

By Alan Haskvitz,

National Motivational Speaker

For quality educational resources go to

This is a great way to get a family or a class involved in history. I have placed the best sites I could find on this topic here. The include Canadian, Chinese, Irish, Jewish, and other links as well as immigration resources and statistics as well as poetry.

I have them posted here.

Canadian settlement & history

Chinese, Irish and Jewish immigration

Family history resources

Immigration activities & lessons

Immigration data & statistics

Immigration information

Immigration literature & poetry

Irish immigration lessons and links.

I also added Chinese immigration links.

I have some of the most useful ones posted here