Election and Propaganda Lessons

This is a great time of year to use teachable moments in your curriculum. You can integrate election issues into current events, math, civics and social studies, history, life skills, and other areas. Here are some of the best resources I have found. Please feel free to send me your own by clicking on my name on

Election Videos

A great collection on all aspects of voting and elections past and present.

Teachable moments




Prepare your students to vote

Voting sites

Get Ready to Vote

Presidential Links

Check out the mock voting sites. Excellent and involving. Also make sure you order materials from VoteSmart. Non-partisan, easy to read, and in many languages.




Contributions to candidates

Contributions by Zip Code


General Sites


New York Times Learning Network

The White House

Banned Book Lists and Lessons

by Alan Haskvitz

The power of the writing word has caused a great many legal cases challenging the First Amendment. A discussion about these cases and the books involved is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the legal process and see different viewpoints.

What I especially like about this topic is that shows how society’s values change over time and enables students to develop an appreciation for standing up for one’s rights. As always preview these resources with the child and parents in mind. And there is a need to explain to the students that a banned book and a challenged book are not the same. As always, follow the directions of your administration.

Teachers and the Law

Legal cases that all educators and parents should know about.

The American Library Association Page

Includes a list of frequently banned books plus ideas and resources and a calendar of events.

Books Suppressed by Legal Authorizes

For older students. Really quite interesting to see the differences in various countries as well as in the past.

History of Book Banning

Recent censorship

Includes banned books and authors.

Banned Children’s Books

Includes Goosebumps, My Brother Sam is Dead, Gulliver’s Travels, and

Harriet the Spy among others

A link page for older students

Classic books that have been banned.

Banned book and censorship resources

For older students

The Controversy over Harry Potter

How to deal with Censorship in Schools

Includes ideas and links.

Lesson Plans

When Books Burn

Lessons and Links

Reasons to teach about banned books

Banned Book Webquest

Webquest for older students

Election Lesson Plans and Resources

By Alan Haskvitz

These election themed sites have lessons and materials for all levels on all aspects of the government. I suggest you bookmark this site for use in future elections.

The list has been moved here due to space concerns. All free.



Famous Supreme Court decisions

Studying these cases and learning about the Constitution are essential parts of most every grade level curriculum. These sites provide a diverse array of teacher friendly lessons that can be used or changed to reflect the appropriate learning level.

Supreme Court decisions that deal with teaching.

A must read for all educators.

The Supreme Court site

As dull as can be with sophisticated materials hidden if you use the search engine. If you can’t fall asleep visit this site.

A terrific site with all the major Supreme Court decisions and lesson plans available.

A link site to many lessons about the Supreme Court and its decisions

Constitution Day resoruces

Evolution and the Law

This resource has many links to this continuing legal discussion.

Religion in Supreme Court decisions

Students’ rights under the law

Very good for getting interest in this subject


Jim Crow laws and the Constitution

Relates to Civil Rights through the ages.

A very simple interactive site about the Court

Nice site with useful graphics on checks and balances.

A valuable stie that has a long list of decisins and simple explanations of them. A good place to find cases for a debate.

The Constitution Center

This search engine has a lot of good resources.

Supreme Court Historical Society

Some good materials, but too sophisticated for elementary.

Thurgood Marshall


Congress for Kids

A variety of lessons for younger students

Hear actual Supreme Court cases

Very interesting site

Find Law

This huge site enables students to find information about all types of cases. Teachers need to use site to find materials. Too difficult for younger students.

African American related cases

Constitutional Rights Foundation

Center for Civic Education

Learning with themes

Themes offer an interesting way to integrate lessons and give students more in-depth opportunities to pursue learning. The following sites contain a variety of ideas, but are best used as a starting place for your own ideas. You should adapt them for your classroom, as some sites are too simple for some learners and overly complicated for others.

They are posted here by topic

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