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Global Warming  Lessons and Links

By National Hall of Fame Educator Alan Haskvitz

Whether or not you believe there is a global warming trend or not, the teachable moment it represents it a major plus for integrating lessons in math, science, language arts, social studies, and economics. Here are some quality sites that offer free resources. Hopefully, you took advantage of the free copy of An Inconvenient Truth that was featured on Reach Every Child earlier this year. I shared my copy with the entire school.

Air and Weather sites

Transportation sites

To give background on why transportation is vital and its history.


Global Warming themes and lessons

A large link site.


Global Warming link site with the emphasis on definitions and articles,email-gs_15

Academic links

Some very good work here for a great debate.

Unit of Study

An Inconvenient Truth’s Lesson Plans

Photos of impact of global warming

Click on the boxes at the top of the site.

Global Warming: Does it Exist?

And other links that cover all grade levels.

Global Warming International Center

Alternative Actions

From the always excellent Constitutional Rights Foundation

EPA Site on climate


Teacher’s Guide to Global Warming

Global Pollution Map

Air Quality Maps by State

Updated daily

Environmental Ratings of Car Companies

A good way to integrate current events, science, and math.


Graph of global warming last 1000 years

Small math unit on impact of Global Warming

Nothing you couldn’t do yourself, but a nice template to follow.

There is no global warming and debate site


President Bush on Global Warming

And a rebuttal to the President’s comments

Ask the Climate Guy


The Best Earth Day

lessons and teaching


By Alan Haskvitz, national motivational speaker

These are the best Earth Day and general environmental sites and lessons I could find. They can be used in several classes and by parents. All free.

Begin here
Air and water quality links
Energy and overall environment
Links to more

REC Science—Environment 
As usual, start right here for a good list.

REC Earth Day 

REC General Science

Science fair ideas, lessons, and help

Always time and resource consuming, the Science Fair is an excellent way to apply scientific ideas and principles to the production of interesting displays. This type of hands on learning is the best type and should be encouraged. Thus rather than reinventing the wheel here is a list of valuable ideas and lessons that can save you time and mistakes. They cover the following:

The roll of the parent

Places to start

Science Fair ideas


Judging insights

Science Fair Handbooks

And the Science Fair organization


All of this material is located at the link below. It is free.