Thanksgiving Teaching Resources and Lessons

There are some good lessons and ideas here to perk up those lessons used in the past and perhaps new flavor to your holiday teaching plans.

Native Americans

Very useful collection of lessons for teaching about Native Americans


Teachable Moments


History and interesting facts

History of Thanksgiving

Interesting information, but a lot of ads.

A compilation of interesting facts

Lesson plans

For many levels, but uneven quality.

Huge collection of lessons and ideas

Lessons plans and other ideas for the holiday

Thanksgiving lesson ideas

A giant link site

A variety of lesson plans and printables

For many levels.

Integrated Math plans for Thanksgiving

Lesssons about Plymouth Plantation

Squanto Helps New Arrivals

An elementary site with links.

The Origins of Thanksgiving
An interesting site with information on Thanksgiving myths as well as the perspectives of African Americans and American Indians.

The Origins of Thanksgiving from a variety of angles for elementary and middle school levels.

Large link site

Slow loading at times.

Teachnology: Thanksgiving Worksheets
Collection of Thanksgiving worksheets and other Thanksgiving printables.

Myth and Truth

An excellent unit for older students.

Kindergarten and Preschool lessons

Primary ESL Plans

Basic integrated ideas for primary students

The First Thanksgiving

For primary grades


For Second Grade

Inmagine being at the First Thanksgiving

For primary

Simple crafts




Includes worksheets, activities, word puzzles, coloring pages, as well as lessons and thematic units.

Hearty collection of printables

Enchanted printables

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These links have an extensive listing of lessons and free materials that help all grade levels in learning about Native American culture and history. Arts and crafts, flags, maps, and more. These would be ideal for Thanksgiving based lessons.