Science fair ideas, lessons, and help



Always time and resource consuming, the Science Fair is an excellent way to apply scientific ideas and principles to the production of interesting displays. This type of hands on learning is the best type and should be encouraged. Thus rather than reinventing the wheel here is a list of valuable ideas and lessons that can save you time and mistakes. They cover the following:

The roll of the parent

Places to start

Science Fair ideas


Judging insights

Science Fair Handbooks

And the Science Fair organization


All of this material is located at the link below. It is free.


by Alan Haskvitz, teacher


Zoology lessons and links. All types of animals, insects

There are pages of quality links here that cover everything from insects to the American Kennel Club to zoos and sharks and much more. A great place to get students interested in zoology.  The large number of links are placed at this site. Just click on it for the full list. No gimmicks, no cookies, no pop-ups, no ads. Just one teachers efforts to help others.