The is site is dedicated to helping families find the best vehicles and the best education resources. It has been in operation since 1979

 The Car Family writes reviews from the viewpoint of a mother, father, son, and daughter. They have been doing this for over 15 years and their work has been selected as the best researched by Consumer Search. There are four master of science degrees and over 100 years of reviewing experience brought to each review.

Technology expert Max builds custom servers and computers with American consumer help and reviews the technology aspects of the vehicle. Business expert Anna reviews the desirability and value of the vehicle. Mom reports on how it feels to live with a vehicle on a daily basis. Dad reviews the powertrain and handling. Together it is like four reviews in one and the reader gets insights that are missed by the old boy network of how fast it goes. For example, do you know that it is almost physically impossible to use the car jack supplied on the smaller Toyotas?

Internationally syndicated and fast and accurate, The Car Family is among the most balanced of all reviews.

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