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These links have an extensive listing of lessons and free materials that help all grade levels in learning about Native American culture and history. Arts and crafts, flags, maps, and more. These would be ideal for Thanksgiving based lessons.

Father’s Day Lesson Plans

By Hall of Fame Educator Alan Haskvitz

My Father

My story of what my father left me after 90 years of life.

Fun Father’s Day facts

Father’s Day Clip Art

History of Father’s Day

Primary Crafts and Cards

Fathers Day lessons for older students 

Father’s Day Poems

Craft Ideas

by Alan Haskvitz, teacher

Zoology lessons and links. All types of animals, insects

There are pages of quality links here that cover everything from insects to the American Kennel Club to zoos and sharks and much more. A great place to get students interested in zoology.  The large number of links are placed at this site. Just click on it for the full list. No gimmicks, no cookies, no pop-ups, no ads. Just one teachers efforts to help others.

Visual Arts links and lessons for art and architecture.

by Alan Haskvitz, national inservice presenter

Lessons on this page include how to read a painting, paper folding, a list of art museums, quilting, clip art, and much more. Also sections on kids and art, making kites, and how to teach children about art. They are all listed here to save space on this blog.

By Alan Haskvitz, National Teachers Hall of Fame, Reader’s Digest Hero in Education, National inservice presenter

These sites offer just about everything for teaching these subjects. They include test sites and print outs

I have them posted here where there is a search engine to make finding lessons and links easier. No ads, no cookies, no gimmicks. All free

By Alan Haskvitz, national inservice presenter

I have put together the best sites I could find about using butterflies and insects to teach students in elementary and middle school. I have posted them here where there is also a search engine to make finding lessons easier.

A Great Mother’s Day Lesson Plan

By Alan Haskvitz, national inservice presenter

This is a great idea that enables the student to compare their mother to other significant women in history.

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