Online Educational Games
by National Hall of Fame Educator Alan Haskvitz

Games are an interesting way to teach concepts and provide rigor. They also enable early finishers to challenge themselves. Here are a few of the better sites.

146 Educational Games

English and Mathematics
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Alpahabet Related Lessons

Games and Puzzles by Subject Matter

Primary Level Games
Very popular site with a lot of content

Mixed Subject Matter

Quiz Hub
K-12 online games revolving around subject areas

Math and English Games

Huge link site using apps

Educational Web Adventures

Science related links by topic, grade level

Science and wildlife oriented.

Math and English remedial work lists
Good for review
Math related games

Sophisticated science games — mainly physics
“This site contains interactive plasma physics topics, ranging from electricity, magnetism, energy, and fusion. Please visit the “Virtual Tokamak” and our “Virtual Magnetic Stability Module” to learn about Plasma and Fusion Containment. “

NLVM for Interactive Mathematics
Terrific interactive math site with great learning activities — this is a must visit.

Templates to create PowerPoint Learning Games and more
by Alan Haskvitz

An excellent way to provide remediation or for differentiate learning. These sites have easy to use templates to make classroom games using your own subject matter.

Collection from a teacher

Large collection from school district

Lots of links and Jeopardy styles games, too

Weakest link and more style games

These sites offer free music and sounds to spice up your presentations

Free sound effects

Large Link Site




Free Music Archive

Powerpoint rubric idea

Great PowerPoint selection for textbook on Ancient World,7361,592970-,00.html

Chinese Olympics Resources

by Alan Haskvitz

The free lessons, links, and resources have been moved here to save space.

I have them posted here:

also use the search engine to find more specific free lessons.

Starting August 8th, the Chinese Olympics can provide a teachable moment for students at the start of more traditional school years. It is over on August 24th .

It is very difficult to find good educational resources so keep this site bookmarked.

Preschool and Daycare resources

By Alan Haskvitz

Here is a list of preschool and daycare resources that can help provide new ideas and promote a better understanding of the preschool child.

A general list of good sites

Kindergarten links

Patriotic lessons


Online games

Lesson plans

Lots of links, but some may be too advanced.

Primary link site


Free Printable calendars


Healthy children site

Strategies for motivating readers


Teachers and the law

Government information on daycare and preschool topics

Parents guide to reading readiness

How to talk with a preschool teacher

Common medical problems

A nice sldie show on preschool problems with suggested solutions

Cultures and traditions activities.

Matching activities

Preschool Lessons and activities suitable

Very good selection

Printable activities, crafts, lesson plans, themes and coloring pages

Free songs, crafts, games, snack ideas, and learning activities

Very useful site tht has worksheets, plans, and law sites.

Physcial Education Central’s Preschool lesson plans – 19k –

Black history activities

Free video on how to teach Preschool Gymnastic Lessons

Preschool Themes

Worksheets and lesson plans

Huge link site to all types of resources from toilet training to drama actitives and more.

Free online games

Create your own

Money printables and worksheets

Large link site

Dealing with preschool peer pressure

Resources for parents/teachers of preschoolers who have a learning problem

Dealing with stealing

Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Preschool Children

Dealing with Preschool Temper Tantrums. By Margaret Risk

Valuable article on how to deal with preschoolers.

Coinsider printing it out for parents, too.

Huge link site to child behavior help

Dealing with bullying

Free Educational Games


National Motivational Speaker


For more free online educational games go to

Multiplayer Education Games
Primary Games in math, English, and identification

Kindergarten Websites to help children, parents

For more resources go to

Caring parents want to give their children the best start and there are many avenues for this. Indeed, the first couple of years are the most vital for young children as they learn how to learn and develop interpersonal skills. However, as a teacher there is little I can do until a child reaches school age and that is kindergarten. The resources I have supplied you with are designed to help kindergarten teachers and others find great resources to make school exciting and meaningful.

Before you start you search, I would like to tell you about the research I did and how it impacted my children. Over 20 years ago I discovered that sending a child to school as soon as they were old enough could be a significant problem if that child was the youngest, or among the youngest in the class. As such, I held my daughter back nearly one full year to make sure she was ready for school. The results were astonishing. As a more mature student she was more readily able to grasp the concepts provided, had better coordination, and was more socialized. The teachers quickly recognized her and, as is human nature, pushed her to become more self-reliant. This simple act was ultimately recognized when she took her PSAT examinations where she was selected a National Merit Award Scholar. She has now finished college, her Ivy League diploma in hand all based on a good start.

If your child is immature I recommend you consider the same approach. It may be more expensive to pay for another year of preschool, but the child’s future may be enhanced by your actions. Ask professionals before you make any decision.

Anyway, here are some sites that can be used by pre-schoolers and kindergarten students, parents, and teachers. To save space just click on

Ultimate Physical Education Site

For more resources go to

This site has a vast number of quality lessons and free resources on all aspects of teaching physical fitness.


Incentives from professional organizations can motivate students. To this end, Reach Every Child has compiled a list of most professional sports teams.And find a listing of the larger sports organizations.In addition, explore resources in the following categories and adaptive education:·        General resources ·        Lesson plans ·        PE link sites ·        Physical Education and Health Grants ·        Physical Education and Sports Medicine Organizations ·        Sports Medicine

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