May 2011

Technology Help Sites

by Alan Haskvitz

Author of Sorry I Am a Teacher

These sites include everything from tutorials to copyright laws to grants. Each one has its own personality so you may want to take your time with them.

How Teachers Learn Technology Best

Technology Grants

Important Laws and Ideas about Using Technology in the Classroom

Massive Link site

Technology Organizations and Companies


Free video tutorials


Hundreds of animated explanations, interactive tutorials and instructional videos.

Technology Tutorials

Over most najor software

Top 100 Technology Blogs


A website dedicated to educational technology


Teacher Technology Resources

Free Technology for Teachers

Common Core Standards
by Alan Haskvitz

Love them or hate them they are here and for some teachers in English and mathematics it looks like some adjustments may need to be made to existing curriculum. Here are the sites with information on these new standards:

Adoptions by States and more
This is the host site for the Standards.

This is an editorial questioning the Standards

This is another editorial picking questioning the research and purpose of Common Core Standards

An Editorial favoring the Standards

Common Core Curriculum Maps

Common Core Updates
The latest information is said to be posted on this site.

Potential concerns about Common Core Lessons

Contact Common Core

Samples of a math and science formative assessment literacy cards

Large link site and explanation

Sample High School Calendar based on Common Core English Standards

Common Core FAQ