National Oceans Week

By Alan Haskvitz, Reader’ Digest Hero in Education


With all the television programming on the importance of oceans it is a great theme to use when creating some new lessons in science, math, English, and social studies. Students are easily motivated by the speed and size of ocean dwellers as well as the impact the seas have on our environment. Here are some quality sites and lessons:


Marine organizations

Zoology links

Simple lesson plans

Not much research necessary, but a variety of interesting slants on the ocean theme.

Superior variety of lesson plans by grade level.

Spend a while here. Plenty of learning levels and ideas.

Integrated primary level plan

Integrated lesson plans for upper elementary

Web quests, lesson, and even lessons about lobsters

NOAA Lessons

From the government for grades 5 to 12 with search engine

From the Smithsonian

Search results for ocean including squid lessons,

Ocean Careers

Thematic units on the ocean

An excellent selection that includes a reading list.


Oceans for Life

Videos and lessons for older students


Read, Write, Think lesson on eels