The Release of #42”, the Jackie Robinson movie is an excellent teachable moment for students who can use Robinson’s story and baseball to create a number of lesson plans.

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Objective: To provide students with the opportunity to learn about segregation and the Civil Rights Movement based on the life of Jackie Robinson’s integration into the National Baseball League. The student shall be able to write about how the actions of one person can make a significant difference in the lives of others and the importance this event to society.

The student’s assignment should include the comparison and contracting of one person, they deem a hero, with another and also include their own opinion of what they would have done in a similar situation.

Lesson Plan

Students watch this video of Robinson’s life

Compare what Robinson went througth what Nelson Mandela went through in this story

Have the students make a Venn diagraph showing what Jackson and Mandela had in common.

Venn Templates

Have the students review these traits of a hero

The students also need to create another Venn diagraphm and place those traits that they have in common with Jackson and Mendela.

The students create an essay entitled, Jackie Robinson, Nelson Mendela and I” that explains what they have in common.

As a group project, the students can look through the many entries in Awesome Stories and research those who they considered to be a hero and create a poster that commerates that individual or group’s actions to share with others.

Students can also be given a homework assignment to interview those adults that they know and to take notes on what traits they feel heroes have and their heroes. The notes have to be rewritten during class time and collected and placed in a class book.

Students can expand this lesson with the links below.

Awesone story links that can expand this lesson

The early history of baseball

The color line in baseball

Other Heroes in American History

The Suffrage Leaders

Children Labor

Fighting for the end of child labor

The Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman’s Story

Civil Rights Links

Remember the Titans

A football movie about athletes and school integration

Other Sports Stories

Suggested Reading

If there are funds, having the students read Baseball Saved Us: Ken Mochizuki

This can be used as a compare and contrast book.

Assessments will be done according to the grade level and Common Core rubric used by the school.

Jackie Robinson links

Banned Book Lists and Lessons

by Alan Haskvitz

The power of the writing word has caused a great many legal cases challenging the First Amendment. A discussion about these cases and the books involved is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the legal process and see different viewpoints.

What I especially like about this topic is that shows how society’s values change over time and enables students to develop an appreciation for standing up for one’s rights. As always preview these resources with the child and parents in mind. And there is a need to explain to the students that a banned book and a challenged book are not the same. As always, follow the directions of your administration.

Teachers and the Law

Legal cases that all educators and parents should know about.

The American Library Association Page

Includes a list of frequently banned books plus ideas and resources and a calendar of events.

Books Suppressed by Legal Authorizes

For older students. Really quite interesting to see the differences in various countries as well as in the past.

History of Book Banning

Recent censorship

Includes banned books and authors.

Banned Children’s Books

Includes Goosebumps, My Brother Sam is Dead, Gulliver’s Travels, and

Harriet the Spy among others

A link page for older students

Classic books that have been banned.

Banned book and censorship resources

For older students

The Controversy over Harry Potter

How to deal with Censorship in Schools

Includes ideas and links.

Lesson Plans

When Books Burn

Lessons and Links

Reasons to teach about banned books

Banned Book Webquest

Webquest for older students

By Alan Haskvitz, nationally recognized educational consultant

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General site

Math for fun

General Math help sites

Math for beginners

Elementary and middle school math

K-12 math links

Math teacher links

Puzzles and activities

Math and architecture lesson plan

Great for all levels.

Higher level math

Printable flash cards

Primary math links

Math grants

Math homework help sites

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Read Across America Resources and Dr. Seuss

Read Across America provides an excellent opportunity to rekindle student interest in reading by using the classic Dr. Seuss books as motivation. These are all on

These sites offer suggestions and resources to make the day special and include sections on

Dr. Seuss

Reach Across America information and certificate

Special Reading Section

Kids’ Top 100 Books

Literacy Links

Reaching Themese

Teacher’s Top 100 books

Reading suggestions and more

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