Technology Resources and Grants

by Alan Haskvitz

With the reduction in available technology funding this might be a good time to take a look at what is out there for free of for very little cost. For example, I found a little company that provides open source computers and servers that are used by many larger institutions and has US based customer service. The company was, and I am sure there as others out there as well. The savings in software cost alone was significant and there wasn’t even any licensing costs.

Here is a list of resources that might be of value to educators and others:

Large link site that includes grants and lessons

General Technology links

More for knowledge techies.

The Association for Educational Communications and Technology is more for professionals interested in educational technology and its application to the learning process,

Ties magazine supports technology education and the integration of math, science and technology curriculum mainly in middle, junior and senior high schools.

Computer Using Educators

Really great conferences.

An active group that promotes hands on technology conferences.

Education with New Technologies is designed to help educators integrate new technologies. You need to register

Review of Staff Development topics and resources for technology

A Practical Guide to MultiMedia

An interesting site that provides a wide array of resources and current events.

Microsoft Educator site

Everything from best practices to help for parents

Useful Apple sites:


Macintosh resource with Software and hardware links and the Buyer’s

Guide make this potentially valuable.


Questions answered about problems with Macs

Latest information about Macs

Association of Macintosh Trainers

Federal Department of Education

Technology related articles

The Center for Democracy and Technology

A site about law and the future of the Internet and other new communications media

Technology software and other resources for special education

Large link site.

The International Forum of Educational Technology and Society

Technical Committee on Learning Technology

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) works to provide professional development, knowledge generation, advocacy, and leadership in the field.

Sites for information on technology funding and other help

Federal list of grants

A compilation of web pages and books of potential interest to nonprofit organizations seeking funding opportunities related to computer technology.


Find out what companies and individuals might be offering free technology help for your school.


Grants and other help from IBM

Directory of Technology Grants.

Virginia State Standards for technology

Practice tests for grades five and eight

National Cristina Foundation (NCF)

Provides computer technology and solutions to give people with disabilities, students at risk and economically disadvantaged persons the opportunity, through training, to lead more independent and productive lives.”

Good models of teaching with technology

World Wide Web for teachers

4Teachers works to help you integrate technology into the classroom by offering online resources.

Technology Tips

Acceptable use policy

A handbook and sample from Pennsylavina and Virginia.

White Papers on Technology Issues for Educators

456 Search Engines listed by Country

Teacher’s Guide to International Collaboration on the Internet

Listed by subject area.

Domain & Trademark issues for lawyers, consumers, and others

Resources to help a student adjust to high school


Timeline for preparing for college


How to prepare for college and more

Where to get your work published

Homework help sites

Scholarships, grants, awards


College search and grants

How to find the best college.

Learn to email yourself future reminders.

A great way to stay reminded of long term assignment dates.


How to improve your test scores.

Sample tests, too.


Practice SAT tests


How to get aid money

Keys to high school success


Teenage guide to the real world

Mapping your future

How to plan for college and beyond


High school practice test sites and more


Color blindness test

How to do citations


Study skills, essay writing help sites

Federal grants

What is a college degree worth

Student aid on the web; how to select a college, and more

Practice SAT questions

See actual FBI files.

See how they do primary research.


College scholarships and online courses


Large funding site


Hispanic scholarships


Various types of aid


Online thesaurus to improve your vocabulary


Why ninth grade is so important

Effective study skills


When you have nothing to do

Finding Resources, Grants, Lessons

from the Federal Government

Probably the most underused source of free resources on the Internet belongs to the federal government. Each branch, limb, twig has information and materials that could be used to create valuable lessons or to make individualization easier.

For example, you are working on an aviation unit. A quick check at the Federal Aviation Administration site reveals:

Teachers Guide to Aviation, Grades 2-6

Aviation Education Curriculum Guides

Aviation Education Materials and Curriculum Publications

Black Wings: African American Pioneer Aviators

Remember the Wright Brothers’ Historic Flight
A fairly complete guide to early aviation, the Wright Brothers and Space

War Eagles Air Museum Coloring Book
Some printable coloring pages of World War two fighter planes

Check out other resources in the following categories:

Federal Grants

General Sites

Lesson plans about government

Special Interest Sites

The best drawing site, plus a link that makes graphs, and 1000s of grants

I have all these posted here. The grant site is for all types and includes how to write them as well as where to apply.

also use the search engine to find specific free materials and lessons.

By Alan Haskvitz

National Inservice Presenter

I have compiled a list of several hundred that are directed to educators and college students. The list is extensive and covers a variety of needs. I believe it is the largest online list anywhere. I have it posted here…no ads, no cookies.

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