Things about using Google you probably didn’t know about.
By Alan Haskvitz
The vastness of Google and the creative nature of their employees has resulted in some interesting and little know facts. The fact that I know about these is by experimenting. Hopefully, you will get the same action that I did.
For example, if you use the Google Blog search engine you can get more specific results by using the links on the left hand side of the page. 
The Google Blog Search engine can provide better results by using the links on the left side of the page. You can be more specific with your searchs, too. 
Use the advanced Google video search to slim down the huge number of videos that come up with your general searches. For example, you can ask just for those from Google Video. Even than there are nearly 2 millon pages.
A terrific site called has even more insights such as the new updates at Google.Moon. There you can use the small flags to learn about the Apollo landings. The photos are tremendous. I think the Apollo 11 mission panaramic shot would be a great screen saver. Don’t forget to play with the zoom feature that changes the data. 
I also learned that Google has a $20 million award for the first craft to land on the money that is sponsored by private funds. It needs to survive, though. 

Let’s you know about the differences between human ranking on Google and the computerizes searches.

Very unique Google tools that are not generally known by the public