Financial Aid for Teachers, Students

By Alan Haskvitz

There are a variety of sites that offer information about scholarships, grants, and other financial data to help pay for educational related expenses. Because of the numerous sites and the fluctuating requirements it is best to start with the larger ones first before going to the more specific ones. I have tried to list the two major categories here. Regardless, this is one of the largest collections on the Internet, if not the largest, thanks to the Horace Mann Companies.

Horace Mann scholarship

Open to all educators

A huge site

Large link site

Grants, scholarships, and awards


Funding Directories

US Government Aid Sites


Free government guide

You can order this without charge or download it.

American Federation of Teachers Listings

Includes debt forgiveness and local scholarships, too

Yahoo listing

University fellowships

A guide to applying for college

Non-profit organizations

Technology grants

Financial Aid Officer

A very vast site

Funding by location, type

Scholarships by category

Federal Employee related aid sites

A must read article on college scholarship scams

Teacher loan forgiveness explanation

These are college scholarship sites. There may be a cost so beware.

College Net


Scholarship Page

Grad Loans

Sallie May Loan Information

Nellie May

Student loan finder

Scholarship Finder

Ron Brown Scholarship

Hispanic Scholarship

International Forestry Grants

Financial Aid to study in Japan

This is an example of how specific your search needs to be to find financing for your interests and the great many possibilities.

By Alan Haskvitz

National Inservice Presenter

I have compiled a list of several hundred that are directed to educators and college students. The list is extensive and covers a variety of needs. I believe it is the largest online list anywhere. I have it posted here…no ads, no cookies.

By Alan Haskvitz, national inservice presenter

I have compiled one of the largest lists of sources for grants and funding anywhere and placed them here. They include all types that are relevant to education.

Horace Mann Unit of Study:

The History of Public Education

Lesson posted here

This is an encompassing and multilevel unit of study that not only deals with the life of Horace Mann and his contributions to public education by links it with the major early acts that influenced education such as the Morrill Act and the Northwest Ordinance. Includes maps of Native American lands, a table about the rewards of staying in school, and scholarships given by the Horace Mann Companies. For lower level students there is even a word wall.

Easily one of the best units of study on Horace Mann anywhere.

For more free lessons click on



Improving Your Test

Taking Skills

by Alan Haskvitz, National Teachers Hall of Fame, Reader’s Digest Hero in Education, national inservice presenter

Ideas for Improving Test Taking For All Types of Tests. For Teachers and Students.

I have posted a number of valuable links here that include preparation for various tests and even information on avoiding test stress. All free. No ads

Please note that Haskvitz’s state test scores went from the 22nd percentile to the 94th percentile using these methods. At present, out of 170 students, only 3 placed far below grade level on the state mandated tests and 91 percent finished in the top two categories.

A Free Resource Collection Teachers

By Alan Haskvitz, National Teachers Hall of Fame, NCSS National Teacher of the Year, USA Today All American eductor

New and Experienced teachers always are on the lookout for quality resources that are free. To help I have found the best ones and placed them here so you don’t have to chase around the Internet. There are plenty more coming every two weeks at so bookmark the site and keep updated without wasting valuable time.

 For a complete listing of free resources for all teachers to to

11 Traits of a good teacher

Teachers and the Law

You must know the law from NCLB to homework.

Back to School

Great links for back to school ideas, discipline, setting up the classroom, and how to cope with changing requirements.

Ideas for first day of school and this includes how to get that job.


Humor and Teaching

Teaching and Stress

Scholarships and Awards

New teacher salaries, current issues in education, support sites, dealing with bullies, grants, and stress reduction sites.

Bulletin Board Ideas

Motivating Students

Free printable sites

Classroom Discipline

Special Needs Students

ELL and ESL help

Writing IEPs

Assessment links, including report card comments, and NCLB

Homework help sites

Physical Education links

Kindergarten resources

Primary Teaching Resources

Teacher buy, sell and trade resource sites

Huge lesson plan link site

Fellowships and scholarships

Where to find jobs

Locate grants, scholarships and awards
For more links to free school related resources go to

(scroll down for more reviews and free listings)

It’s all about recognition and funding, and these sites offer the best incentives for educators and schools. For both individuals and schools, these links reflect a variety of areas from science, math and the environment to civics and more. Take your time to share.REC Scholarships/Awards
Start here with a vast listingHorace Mann-ALPLM Fellowships
For fellowships to study Lincoln at the national Lincoln library

Horace Mann – Educator Recognition
Local awards from Horace Mann up to $25,000

Horace Mann – National Education Association Programs

Horace Mann Scholarships
Thousands of dollars in scholarships for teachers only

General grant sites

AFT Grant & Funding Opportunities for Teachers

Currently Available Grants
Large Los Angeles County link site to many grants
Find access and applications for all types of grants and much more. Get a free trial membership, but be prepared because it only lasts 20 days.

Education Grants
Large link site

Foundation Center
Vast site with an abundance of listings for those who are patient

Grants and Grant Writing
Great site to learn about grants and significant links

NEA Fine Arts Grant Program
Focuses on programs that promote learning among students at risk of school failure

The NEA Foundation Grants

NEA Search – Grants
NEA search results show grants for a variety of subjects and situations.


Show Me the Money: Tips and Resources for Successful Grant Writing
Exceptional collection of grants links, how-to-do-it resources, and tips

Teacher Grant Resources

Top Teaching Resources: Grant and Funding Resources
Pages of good grant opportunities

Federal sites
Federal grant list

Mathematics and Science – Special Education Research
Federal government grants

U.S. Department of Education Funding Forecast FY 2006
This document lists programs and competitions — mainly for large districts, schools and organizations.

U.S. Department of Education Search
Find federal grants and scholarships of all types.

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Math, technology, and science grants

Aerospace Education Foundation Educator Grants [PDF]
These grants encourage development of innovative aerospace activities.

American Honda Foundation
Grants in the fields of youth education and scientific education

Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)

Best Buy te@ch
Apply for Best Buy gift cards, awarded to schools that integrate technology into the curriculum in a sustained manner.

Educational Technology Grants

Information Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers
The ITEST Program is designed to increase the opportunities for students and teachers to use information technologies within the context of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Mathematical Association of America Awards Programs

Mathematics Education Trust
From the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

MathMovesU Grants and Scholarships
Find small grants for MATHCOUNTS and other math programs. Check deadlines.

Siemens Foundation Competition
Up to $100,000, for the very best high school students in science, math, and technology

Tool Factory/Olympus Classroom Grants
These grants are designed to related to digital imaging and the power of visual learning.

Toshiba America Foundation
Science and math grants

Vernier Technology Awards
These awards promote the innovative use of data collection technology using a computer, graphing calculator or handheld in the science classroom.

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Coming Up Taller Awards
For afterschool and out-of-school arts and humanities programs for underserved children

Dana Foundation Arts Education Guidelines
This foundaton has extended its longtime interest in education to the support of innovative programs leading to improved teaching of the performing arts in public schools in and around New York City, Washington, D.C. or Los Angeles.

Mattel Children’s Foundation Domestic Grants Program
Focus areas include increasing access to education, promoting literacy to children in need, and identifying resources that promote after-school educational achievement

The Mockingbird Foundation
Offers grants for in-school music projects that promote creative expression through music

National Endowment for the Humanities Grants

We the People Bookshelf
Free books for libraries — watch the deadline.

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Travel and exchange

Toyota International Teacher Program
Internships and more for Japan, Galapagos, and Costa Rica

Fulbright Exchange Alumni Grants


Maurice R. Robinson Mini-Grant Program
Constitutional Rights Foundation’s awards for service-learning projects designed to address serious community issues — $500.

Youth Service America Awards & Grants
A listing of grants for service related activities

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General classroom grants

ASCD Outstanding Young Educator Award
This award recognizes a teacher under 40 who demonstrates excellence in teaching.

Champions for Healthy Kids
General Mills encourages communities in the United States to improve the eating and physical activity patterns of young people.

The Council for Corporate and School Partnerships
For schools and businesses that partner to improve the academic, social or physical well being of students — watch deadline

Environmental Education on the Internet — Grants

The Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program
Stimulating interest in careers in fisheries science and management for students in grades 10-12 — spend eight weeks learning by doing.

Lowe’s Outdoor Classroom Grant Program
Lowe’s partnered with International Paper and National Geographic Explorer! classroom magazine to improve schools’ science curriculums with hands-on learning.

The Magna Awards
American School Board Journal awards for outstanding programs developed or supported by school boards.

National Geographic Education Foundation Teacher Grants [PDF]
To promote geographic literacy

National Schools of Character Awards Program
Designed to identify exemplary schools and districts to serve as models to help schools with more effective character education.

Nick Let’s Just Play
For kids to apply — watch deadlines on this healthful play site.

Sea World/Busch Gardens/Fuji Film Environmental Excellence Awards
To recognize the outstanding efforts of students and teachers who work protecting the environment — $10,000

Toyota Teacher of the Year Award
Awards are given to educators who demonstrate exemplary efforts to help parents and children achieve their academic and non-academic goals.

Women’s Sports Foundation Funding
Provides financial assistance to sports and physical activity programs seeking to add new or expanded program participation opportunities for under-served populations of girls.

Gale Schools TEAMS Award
Promoting critical collaboration between teachers and media specialists

Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program
U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services funding for community-based programs that employ prevention strategies to promote access to health care

Rewards for exceptional teachers

Distance Education Grants

Fund for Teachers
Fun program with makeovers for select teachers and more

Guides for writing grants

Getting Grants
Steps to take before applying for a grant

A Grant Seeker’s Guide to the Internet

Grants and Related Resources
Includes writing grants and lists of foundations

Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal

What do Winning Proposals Have in Common?

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