Classroom Art  Resources

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Arts and Crafts Lessons and Links


Kids and Art

Unique Art Lesson

What it looks like

A listing of national standards for the arts from the Kennedy Center

And Lesson Plans


Art Terms

A dictionary for older students.
Use Critical Thinking to Solve Crime

Using art, of course. Great way to create other lessons as well.

British site

Newsletter, holiday art, printables, crafts and a whole lot more.

Diverse, with the emphasis on younger folk.


Large Printable Selection

For Elementary


Kids Architecture

An interactive that offers a basic understanding of building and materials.

Large Link Site

Includes nice index that includes museums, ancient art, modern art, and more. Takes a while, but worth it to find unusual resources.



Submit student work


Not an art museum

This site is for art teachers. Includes ask the teacher, exchanges, art lessons, and more.


Art and music lessons for all levels

Highly interactive site. Good attention holder.



Middle and High School


Dictionary of Artists

Includes examples of their wor


Art videos

Nearly 1000 of them

From WatchKnow
Crayon site

Crayola has created this site that features a lot of nice color pages among other things.

For primary level.


Great Art Blog

Lots of examples and how to do it segments.


Recycled Art

An interesting site that lists of materials needed and what can be made from them.
Mystery Art

For older students. You solve a puzzle to learn about art and art history.


Comic maker

An interactive cartoon making site. This is excellent for students if given direction as the theme of the comic.


Puppet link page

Scrapbook resource sites


A general site for teachers and parents

Deals with art as it relates to a child’s development. Has ideas and a blog.

Although music has an impact on the mind there is little evidence in improves students success overall. However, it certainly does indicate the music does have some benefits in certain situations. Take your pick of the research and go your own study. In the meantime, here are some great sites that not only have music, but show students how it is created and even how to play certain instruments.

Best music link site

Everything here from sing-along songs to camp fire songs, to composing your own. Four pages of links.


Music for teaching


Music, instruments, and more

Creating Music

Great site where students can learn about most aspects of music, play games and create their own pieces.

Sing-Along Songs

Lost of lyrics in alphabetical order.

Free kids music in alphabetical order

You can play these songs for your class.

This site has both songs and lyrics from the PBS Store.

All free.

A great site for older students. It has folk music instruments, composers from the past, and even games. If you are in the Cincinnati area you can even have your own radio show.

Research about music in the classroom

A survey article on positive effects of music

Harvard Study with mixed results

Article saying it helps students in reading



The best drawing site, plus a link that makes graphs, and 1000s of grants

I have all these posted here. The grant site is for all types and includes how to write them as well as where to apply.

also use the search engine to find specific free materials and lessons.

This is an innovative and terrific site that helps teach youngsters how to draw. Very good.

Visual Arts links and lessons for art and architecture.

by Alan Haskvitz, national inservice presenter

Lessons on this page include how to read a painting, paper folding, a list of art museums, quilting, clip art, and much more. Also sections on kids and art, making kites, and how to teach children about art. They are all listed here to save space on this blog.