Where to Find Teaching Jobs

In many states there has been serious teaching staff cutbacks, and even those who do get a job may find it gone next year. As such there is an abundance of teachers available with many having general degrees that are not in demand such as English and social studies. Despite this, there is always hope and all you need it to be at the right place at the right time. Using these Internet sites might be of value in meeting the right time criteria, but be cautioned, look before you leap.

Due to the nature of job listing and the uneven quality and quantity of positions it is essential that you go through the process slowly and don’t deal with those that charge a fee unless you feel it is worth it. Some sites may ask you to register first and that information may be used by others so I suggest you have a separate email account for job searches in case spam comes a calling on your more essential email accounts.

I strongly recommended that you seek out those who have used these services for their insights and also recommend that your first choice would be to use the job placement services at the university where you completed your educational training program. The services are sometimes available online.

Jobs sites

Jobs and certification links

Summer Jobs

This is a list of the most needed websites for educators. In contains links to everything from dealing with behavior problems to the law to assessments to finding jobs.

Because of the length of the free links they are listed here 

The site was developed by the only teacher in history who has been selected a Reader’s Digest Hero in Education, a NCSS national teacher of the Year, a USA Today All American first team teacher, the winner of the Freedom Foundation medal of honor, and the winner of the International Cherry Award for Great Teachers.

Retirement Guide for Teachers

By Alan Haskvitz, national motivational speaker

For more free links about business go to

Horace Mann Companies

Test your retirement knowledge

Retirement Resource


Includes financial decisions, legal concerns, and aging and health links

Retirement IQ test

Earning test for early retirees

Test your knowledge on retirement

Life expectancy calculator

Estimating Your Retirement Income Needs

Steps in Retirement Planning

Ten Steps to Retirement

Before you accept an early retirement package

Ten questions to ask before retiring

Steps to take when you are 60

Printables for how much you need to retire and estimating expenses

Tax Benefits for Teachers

Women and Retirement

California Retired

Teachers Website

Regardless of what state you work in this site has excellent insights into the issues of retirement.

NEA retirement site

The impact of Social Security on Teacher Pensions

Social Security news

Understanding Social Security Benefits

Social Security Retirement Earning Table

Where to find teaching jobs

This time of year new teachers are graduating from college, experienced teachers are looking for new challenges and opportunities, and other teachers dangle in the wind while their districts decide if they can afford to rehire.

If you are leaving your current location or looking for a job in a new field, check your target state’s department of education site to make sure you qualify. This also goes for those who want to teach in the United States and those looking to teach overseas.

Some of these sites require you to register. There isn’t going to be a cost for that, but some do charge if you find a job. Alan selected the most active sites and those of the most interest to teachers. For more information on salaries and other teacher-related statistics, check our Share your profession feature.

Then explore:

State certification sites

National Teaching Offerings

California jobs

Job Fairs

Government Jobs

Health and Physical Education listings

Private, independent, charter, religious schools

ESL Teaching Jobs

University teaching jobs

Jobs overseas

Career information and general employment sites

School districts