Daylight saving time: Its changing its time

You think that the technology free for all about Y2K was bad just prepare yourself for the new dates for Daylight Savings Time to be implemented. And, it changes every year. The Republican congress and president passed a law that extends Daylight Savings Time by a month starting in 2007 when it beings the second Sunday in March and ends the first Sunday in November. This is supposed to save energy, but that is questionable.

Here are valuable sights that explain the program and how to help your computer cope.

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The computer mess changing Daylight Savings Time is going to make.,1759,2098954,00.asp

How to adjust your computer

It may not be automatic as government has changed the dates.

Time zone changes for your computer

Time zone lessons and a quiz

About Daylight Saving Time

History of day with nice table of times changes that effect both Europe and the US. Note that the time of the change is changing dramatically over the next few years.

Government site that explains energy savings

Sites that explain the negatives of Daylight Savings Time

Table of time changes by country

Huge and sophisticated time change link

More technology links

Technology organizations and grants

Free software and lessons.