Where to find teaching jobs


This time of year new teachers are graduating from college, experienced teachers are looking for new challenges and opportunities, and other teachers dangle in the wind while their districts decide if they can afford to rehire.

If you are leaving your current location or looking for a job in a new field, check your target state’s department of education site to make sure you qualify. This also goes for those who want to teach in the United States and those looking to teach overseas.

Some of these sites require you to register. There isn’t going to be a cost for that, but some do charge if you find a job. Alan selected the most active sites and those of the most interest to teachers. For more information on salaries and other teacher-related statistics, check our Share your profession feature.

Then explore:

State certification sites

National Teaching Offerings

California jobs

Job Fairs

Government Jobs

Health and Physical Education listings

Private, independent, charter, religious schools

ESL Teaching Jobs

University teaching jobs

Jobs overseas

Career information and general employment sites

School districts