Classroom seating arrangements
by Alan Haskvitz
National Teachers Hall of Fame
Most teachers continue to seat students in rows with all seats facing the front. However, if the seats are moveable, feel free to try a variety of arrangements for different purposes. For example, moving the seats can make it easier for groups to meet.
Some teachers have tables, which are more cumbersome, but also can be moved for a variety of classroom projects. Of course, electric outlets, computer terminals, screens, and fire exits are all considerations.
Remember, it is also critical to adhere to the local fire codes on flammable material limits for covering walls. In most places only 20 percent of the walls and none of the ceilings or doors, can be covered. I recommend you update a small bulletin board weekly to keep it topical. Consider asking the students to create teams to add their own bulletin board weekly. The bottom line is that effective seating arrangements improve student learning.
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