Apps for teachers: Mostly free
by National Hall of Fame Teacher Alan Haskvitz

Using Android or iPod cell phone applications in the classroom is easy to do, but finding good ones is very difficult and time consuming. Since there are apparently new ones coming out daily my recommendation is to check through these large collections using your “find” feature to locate those that have the ingredients you need most. Most of the apps listed are free, but some carry a charge. Use the Internet to harvest opinions about what others say about a particular application before purchasing.

Another good one is a listing of 20 good ones for teachers.

Using applications in the classroom is very challenging, especially with nearly 40 students in some rooms. I suggest that you only use one and hook that up to an overhead for sharing. It would be nice to build learning centers around them, but the monitoring of them would be a huge challenge.

The future is clearly in your hands, pun intended, and the creation of applications is just beginning to show some maturity. For the most part they are silly games or material you could easily live without. But in some cases they offer a change for you to add depth to lessons, make individualizing lesson much easier, and save on the cost of supplementary materials.

One of the most useful apps is from Awesome Stories and it is called the Story Builder. It enables students to use primary and secondary resources to create stories, reach conclusions, and it is applicable to various subject matter.

Best Free apps
Wide variety of topics

Top Free 50 from Apple

Best Free Educational Software
An interesting array of all levels

Free application list site

Android applications for teachers

Free phonics app

Great site that enables teachers to share ideas, resources, and lessons. Exceptionally useful.

An improvement over Twitter for teachers and students to share information. Private. Must register.

Send work to be checked for plagiarism. Takes a while to master.
Plagiarism Detect. May have charges to use.
Millions of copies of original historical documents located in the Library of Congress and other government resources.
Note taking app

An interesting sharing site for most curriculum areas. This is a fun site to see what other teachers are doing and share yours. You can make your own multimedia presentations online. Check for costs.

Brain Tuner
Challenges your brain. Great for early finishers.,review-2267.html

Cliff Notes on the Go
Read quick/simplified versions of classic literature.

Mainly encyclopedic type facts related to history.

QuickVoice :
Quick Voice
Enables you to record your thoughts.

Turns an iPhone into a book reader. Charge

Information on all US presidents.

Words of the World
Learn new word every day.

Best free apps for Language Arts

Best free apps for Mathematical

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