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Chinese New Years starts on January 26th

January 26th is Chinese New Years. Here are all sorts of lessons, crafts, and ideas for learning more about this celebration

Fourth grade resources

This is an important grade for students as they transistion between primary and elementary. These resources should help reach these students as they provide both remedial help and enrichment activities.  

A large list of valuable links all subject areas

Primary lesssons for remediation

ESL help

Lesson plans all levels

Powerpoint presentations

All areas

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These links have an extensive listing of lessons and free materials that help all grade levels in learning about Native American culture and history. Arts and crafts, flags, maps, and more. These would be ideal for Thanksgiving based lessons.

Study Hispanic Heritage Week Sept. 15 – Oct. 15

By Alan Haskvitz

Take advantage of Hispanic Heritage Month to learn about Latino culture, history and heritage. We’ve put together numerous resources:

Study Hispanic Heritage Sept. 15 – Oct. 15

by Alan Haskvitz

National Teachers Hall of Fame Member

Take advantage of Hispanic Heritage Month to learn about Latino culture, history and heritage.  The best free resources are listed here:

Columbus Day lessons

Alan Haskvitz

A great lesson can be planned around Columbus Day including those with georgraphy, culture, history, religion, and art manifestations. The pro and con of celebrating such a day is also a great way to get students to think and introduce current events into the history framework.

All type of holiday links

Simple arts and crafts type lessons by age group.

Basic lessons plans

Columbus Day Links

Against Columbus Day site

A short article on the shortcomings of Columbus

Would make a good piece for advanced students or a debate.

Puzzzles, printables and more

Should we celebrate Columbus Day

Nice collection of sites for elementary students

Large Link Stie

Johnny Appleseed Lessons

John Chapman was born in 1774 on September 26th. He traveled the country palnting apple seeds. This activity gave birth to the Johnny Appleseed legend. Here are some excellent links and lessons based on his life.

A site dedicated to his life.


A large link site to lessons that are mainly primary level.

Apple lessons, but a few on Johnny

An article and primary lessons

Powerpoint presentations about Appleseed


A writing exercise

Large link site to lessons at several levels.

For more lessons of folktales go to

For more resources go to

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