Holiday and New Year Lessons and Links

Winter Holiday and links

A good place to start with good resources in abundance.

New Years Links

December Holidays Around the World

Chinese New Years

Major Holiday Sites

Seasonal Bulletin Boards

Hanukkah Teacher Resources

Link site

Lessons and activities for younger students

Physical Education Holiday related lessons

From Canada, Christmas plans

Winter and holiday links

General Christmas Ideas

Large Link Site

Christmas Clip Art

Weather links

With the chances of inclement weather this is a good site to make such events teachable moments.

Day of the Dead

For all holiday links

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How Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead lesson plan

For elementary

Elaborate lesson plan for upper elementary and middle school

Art lesson

Day of the Dead Batik Lessons

Lesson for primary students

Coloring lessons

This is a download for primary, elementary. Very nice packet. Slow loading

Day of the Dead link site

With crafts

Other Mexican Holidays

Link page

Images, photos, art


Day of the Dead Powerpoint

Fairly sophisticated,3,Slide 3

For additional holiday resources go to

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These links have an extensive listing of lessons and free materials that help all grade levels in learning about Native American culture and history. Arts and crafts, flags, maps, and more. These would be ideal for Thanksgiving based lessons.

 By Alan Haskvitz

Halloween offers a great teachable moment that can be related to a variety of integrated lessons. There are a diverse array of units, lessons, printables, and craft sites.

One of world’s largest list of lesson plans links

Links to all types of holiday related resources

Teachable moment article

A guide to creating the best units.

Really good link with lots of lots of interesting ideas.

Uneven quality, but a good variety of Halloween related lessons

Anoka, Minnesota

The Halloween capital of America

Take a look at how a city built its claim.

Halloween Activities and Lessons

Halloween printables and primary lessons

Large list from Donn

General link sites

History of Halloween

Pumpkin lessons

Canadian lesson plans

Halloween Safety lessons

Physical Education Plans for Halloween

A good variety. Other holidays physical education plans also listed.

Halloween flash cards

Art lesson: Draw a Monster

For more free educational materials go to

Rosh Hashanah


Laws about teaching religion in the classroom

A simple explanation of this Jewish holiday.

Food, culture, and FAQ sections.


Traditions about Jewish New Years


A craft and question oriented children’s’ website


A nice explanation of the differences between calendars and why Rosh Hashanah is considered a day of judgment.


Middle grade level lesson plan


A variety of mini-lessons and stories

Constitution Day Resources

Alan Haskvitz

The law mandates that all publicly funded educational institutions provide educational programming on the history of the American Constitution on Constitution Day, September 17th

Here are resources to make that possible.

Pearl Harbor Day Lesson Plans and links

Alan Haskvitz

On Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese submarines and planes from aircraft carriers launched an early-morning attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor. The attack included nearby military airfields. About 3,000 naval and military personnel were wounded or killed, and eight battleships, 13 other navy ships and 200 aircraft were damaged or destroyed.

With this attack, the Japanese formally entered World War II on the side of Germany and Italy. And it was the catalyst for the United States’ engagement on the Allied side.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt described Dec. 7, 1941 as “a date that will live in infamy.” On the anniversary of this event, help students and others grasp the significance using these free links and resources.

For more free resources go to

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