The School Library: Research and Grants
by National Hall of Fame Teacher Alan Haskvitz

According to recent research, the library and a qualified librarian can directly help in the improvement of student reading levels. Add to that the Common Core requirements for additional reading and writing using a variety of sources and you have a clear cut case for the library being at the heart of the school.

With cutbacks centered on librarian and libraries in many states, the research from Colorado and Pennsylvania makes it clear that the most important factor, outside of the classroom, was having a full-time librarian and this was particularly true at facilities that deal with groups that have low-income students as well as those with reading problems.

Unfortunately, this research has not been enough to motivate some districts where funding is sparse. For example, in Los Angeles Unified School District it has been reported that nearly half of the elementary and middle schools don’t have a librarian and in New York only half of the high schools have a librarian.

This map shows how far reaching the lack of funding for libraries goes. Some of the sites noted portray a dismal picture and is a must visit for teachers and parents.

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