Math Games and Math Apps
by National Hall of Fame Teacher Alan Haskvitz
Math is difficult for many students and thus the need for games to help learn the subject can be of great benefit and provide needed remediation and practice. I have also listed some sites that offer apps that may be of value. However, there may be a small charge for a few of them.

One of the very best sites.
It also includes a Common Core Navigation. Best on the web.

Math Playground
A diverse selection of interactive games mainly at the elementary level.
Cool Math
Includes pre-Algebra games.

A large link site
A wide variety of games for all grade levels

A Plus Math
Flash care maker and homework helper sections.

Lots of graph makers and more. For all grade levels.

Listing of math games by age levels

Hot math
For older students. Includes algebra
Consider not downloading the sound feature.

Elementary and middle school
Many variations, but most are best related to remedial work and practice. Includes converting to metric and fractions.

Math iPad Apps
Most are free

Common Core math apps

Android math apps
Mainly for younger students

Android algebra app

21 Common Core-Aligned Math Apps For High School Students
Check for pricing. Some are free.