Where to Find Teaching Jobs
by National Hall of Fame teacher Alan Haskvitz

Finding a job isn’t easy. It took me two years of being a substitute until something came along and even that proved to be a deadend. Even when I was teaching I was constantly applying for jobs that I felt were more to my strengths. I taught in ten school districts before finding one with good administration and support. I went from Newfoundland to Ontario, Canada, to several districts in Southern California before I found a school where I felt at home. And even there I had to endure some of the worst administration imaginable. So never give up if you think you are in the right position.

If I would have had this list of resources when I started out I could have shortened my job hunting experience a great deal, but nothing really prepares you for a new job outside of asking others about the school and doing your homework.

Timing is very important. Most districts have hired by the start of the new year, but some find themselves in a great need for help due to staffing shortages, teachers moving away, or transfers. Don’t give up because the school year has started. I have also listed overseas teaching sites that might be of interest to those willing to travel and work under different conditions.

Be cautioned to look before you leap. There is no free lunch. For example, if you are teaching overseas and the job you get is not as planned you may not have recourse.

Due to the nature of job listing and the uneven quality and quantity of positions it is essential that you go through the process slowly and don’t deal with those that charge a fee unless you feel it is worth it. Some sites may ask you to register first and that information may be used by others so I suggest you have a separate email account for job searches in case spam comes a calling. Above all, your first choice should be to use the career center at the university where you completed your educational training program. This service is sometimes available online.

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This site also offers you an opportunity to upload your resume’. Check details closely or you can just do a job search.

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