Porsche 918 Spyder Could Fly (pun intended)

by The Car Family

One hot hybrid convertible has been given the okay by Porsche’s Supervisory Board okay the development of a 918 Spyder concept as a limited production model. The mid-engined plug-in hybrid super-sports car combines both gas and electric propulsion systems. This concept version of an ultra-high-performance mid-engined sports car with plug-in hybrid technology.


Porsche said that the Spyder will be develop ed in Weissach and assembled in Zuffenhausen. Best of all, the German manufacture has indicated that fuel mileage in Europe was an estimated 90 mpg plus. Prices have not been set, but it really doesn’t matter the line has already formed behind this glorious salute to the environment. Just kidding.


One Porsche probably overlooked is that Ferdinand Porsche was one of the primary inventors of the hybrid, which, interestingly, was and is used in locomatives today. Yep, the diesel electric is his idea.

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