Beware that there is a clear agenda in some of the works distributed by this organzation.

Educators are getting offers of free DVD/CDs from IZZIT.Org and should remember that there is no free lunch. These offerings need to be researched before using in a public school setting as they may only offer one side of a story. According to sources, the idea for this organization came from the Palmer R. Chitester Fund which was created by Bob Chitester, with startup money from the Bradley Foundation to create right wing “popular” media, and lately has taken to distributing educational materials based on the reporting of such people as John Stossel. It’s Idea Channel distributes videotapes on conversations between mostly members of the right wing movement on topics ranging from political science to economics to history.

From Wikipeadia

The organization currently known as was initially called In the Classroom Media. provides teachers with materials on current events and other topics for in-classroom use. According to the Palmer R. Chitester Fund’s website, 195,000 teachers used their materials in 2007, reaching 18 million students; the Fund claims that 1 in 4 secondary school social studies teachers used their materials in 2007.

The Idea Channel currently markets the documentaries produced by Free to Choose Media, as well as interviews with mainly conservative thinkers in the fields of Business, Economics, History, Literature, Science, and related fields. The Idea Channel’s website also offers streaming video of some of these productions.

Beginning in 1999, the Palmer R. Chitester Fund provided funding for Stossel in the Classroom.”