Response to Intervention
By Alan Haskvitz

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 2004 authorized education agencies to use Response to Intervention (RTI) models to meet the needs of students with special needs. There are many tools and ideas to do this and to monitor the progress of students, but new concepts and plans that are working are less frequently available. Here are a mix of sites, which provide networking possibilities, as well as approaches that are being used by many states.
Free resources for students with special needs:

Teacher liability and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Special Education sites by area of need

Ideas for helping slow learners

Special needs physical education sites


Implications of No Child Left Behind

A splendid site with ideas from several states, a review of the legislation, and information websites.

National Center for Response to Intervention

The Law and RTI

A nice summary of the law, various free downloads, and answers to many FAQs.

California downloadable video series

There are five, half hour shows that are free.

A downloadable position paper that includes the roles of school personnel.

A huge collection of articles and web resources.

Slightly dated, but still valid.

The Star Legacy Module

A fancy approach to dealing with children with special needs. Informative.

National Association of State Directors of Special Education, this site goes into detail about implementation.

The National Research Center on Learning Disabilities reflects changes related to specific learning disability determination and responsiveness to intervention.

RTI Action Network

Dedicated to the implementation of RTI.

Minneapolis Public Schools at the Response to Intervention,

A downloadable document about the activities in Minneapolis. No update posted for this 2006 document.

RTI Blog and More