The Car Family

SUV owners are going through shock when they fill up with gas, if they can afford it, and when they look to sell their battleships as prices have plummeted. The good news is that buyers are starting to separate their needs from their wants and looking at saving the Earth and their wallets by rethinking their buying decisions.

SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Association, has predicted that small car sales are expected to grow 15 percent over 2007 with a sales prediction of 2.4 million units, according to AutoPacifc,

The high price of gas plus more appealing compact vehicles seems to be driving this redirection away from unsafe and gas guzzling SUVs. Buyers are also getting used to the highly maneuverable smaller cars and starting to appreciate being able to park more easily as well as being able to park in home garages piled high with yesteryear’s material wealth.

Ford’s Focus is good for well over 30 mpg on the highway and starts under $15,000

A newly redone Honda Fit, Ford’s Fiesta, Chrysler’s Doge Hornet, Chevrolet’s Cruze, and a plethora of new hybrids from such diverse sources as Kia and Lexus are also showing the future is greener.

 Here are the sales figures as reported by SEMA for compact cars: