Computer Games that Teach

By Alan Haskvitz

There is an abundance of educational games that teach specific skills and provide remediation. Unfortunately, the value of these games varies widely and some are designed more as an end in themselves rather than as a teaching tool. Another caveat is that these games can require a wide bandwidth and can have several advertisements.

As such, I have reviewed several of the ones I felt most appropriate. If you have others to suggest please email me by clicking on my name on the opening page.

Free software of all types for teachers

Interactive Games

Free PowerPoints

Nearly every topic is here and all free to download.

Build a Prairie

Watershed Game

A large selection of interactive games

Varying quality.

Nutrition Games

Online Interactive maps

Money Games

Music games with several levels


All printables for elementary

Large link site to printable games

Printable Primary Learning Games


A diverse collection of games by subject matter.

Travel Games

For primary

Printables for young learners and ESL

Games by grade level

Some are very simple and others are simply fill-ins, but there are others that are most challenging for students.

Elementary Games

Top 100 Games

Take a look for yourself if these are the best. Some are excellent.

Geography Game

Relates well to national standards.

Primary games that teach Internet Safety

Interactive Websites, Games, and Activities

Games by grade and subject

A very large collection of simple games

By subject area.

First grade games


Interactive math games

Math link page

Huge selection of math printable games