Songs that teach

By Alan Haskvitz

Research has clearly shown that music is a great way to help students learn concepts. Indeed, it is part of the multiple intelligences that Howard Gardner has developed. Here are some terrific sites where you can download lyrics that help teach most every subject.

A large listing of all types of songs. A great place to start.

Language Arts Songs that Teach
English Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling

Very complete site

Always Fun: Schoolhouse Rock

Songs and poems for elementary

From Canada

Elementary songs including math jingles

Their, there, they’re song

Spelling Rules

Math Songs and Poems

Musical Multiplication

Continents Song

Songs that teach science


Songs that teach history

Songs that teach the states

And more about geography

50 State capitals song

Bill of Rights and Historical Documents Songs

Children’s Songs

Not necessarily for teaching

Using the Beatles to teach ESL

ESL worksheets

Language Arts Songs

Always fun and catchy, but not all about school oriented subjects.

Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File