Best used cars for gas mileage

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After five years most cars have lost most of their value, but not necessarily their usability. Finding a vehicle in good shape with 50,000 to 100,000 miles isn’t difficult. What is hard is to find which ones offer the best gas mileage. And remember, try to locate a vehicle that has all the safety features. We do not recommend buying hybrids this old because battery pack life can vary. If you do decide to buy a hybrid read the battery warranty carefully.

Here are the economy leaders for 2004. Remember that we don’t recommend cars that use premium fuel or that do not hold at least four adults. Most of these cars can be bought for less than $10,000.

Best Compact Cars


Volkswagen Beetle/Jetta/Golf Diesel 32/42**

Honda Civic 31/39*****

Toyota Echo 3038*

Toyota Corolla 28/36*****

Scion xA 27/34*****

Dodge Neon 25/32*


Ford Focus 24/32***

Mazda 3 24/32***

Nissan Sentra 24/32*****

Chevrolet Aveo 23/32*

Hyundai Accent 23/32*

Saturn Ion 23/32***

Suzuki Swift 23/31*

Kia Rio 23/30*

Suzuki Aerio 22/28*

Toyota Celica 22/28*****


Volksagen Golf gas 20/27***

Subaru Impreza 20/26*****

Subaru Outback 19/25*****

Larger cars


Mitsubishi Lancer 24/32  *

Hyundai Elantra 23/31***

Volkswagen Passat 23/34***

Oldsmobile Alero 23/33***

Pontiac Grand Am 23/33***

Kia Spectra 21/29 *

Chevrolet Malibu 21/31***

Saturn L300 21/31*****

Honda Accord 21/31*****

Toyota Camry 21/30*****

Mazda 6 21/29***

Hyundai Sonata 20/28***

Nissan Altima 20/28***

Suzuki Forenza 20/28*

Mitsubishi Galant 20/27*

Chrylser Sebring/Dodge Stratus 20/27*



***** best

*** accetable

* if the price is right


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