There are a great many sites where you can serach for discount coupons by topic. I have posted them here. They all are free, but some may require a registration.

Coupons for teachers

By Alan Haskvitz

There are several sites that offer free coupons and other significant items for parents and/or teachers. Of course, many large stores offer coupons in the local newspaper, but many educators don’t realize that these same companies offer special online promotions. Simply do a web search for the company involved and its website can quickly be viewed for savings. This does include airlines and vacation related companies, too.

Remember that to use some sites you may need to register. I recommend you create an email address just for such online registrations. It makes it easier to check and separates your personal mail from other mail.

There are two types of coupons. The direct link site takes you to the manufacturer’s coupons and the coupon code site where you go through a “third party” to get the coupon. Some coupons are printable and some can be mailed to you. As always read the regulations carefully and take care before entering into any transaction.

History of coupons and related statistics

Boxtops for education

You need to check this site every so often to see if a manufacturer is paying schools for box tops.

Here is a list of some of the larger coupon related only sites

This is a great site that features a variety of ways to search for coupons.

Large site with blog is one of the larger sites

This site also offers cash back coupons on some items and is easy to use and timely

Coupons by product and expiration dates

This site even includes strange deals. Nice selection of coupons.

Wow coupons

Travel and much more.

A large forum about using and where to find coupons.

As it sounds

A diverse variety

This site is very extensive and offers a variety of ways to search for coupons

You need to register, but this site has wide variety of coupons

For groceries





Betty Crocker

Nestle Site

Coupons by zip code

also use the site’s search engine to fine more free resources.