Pets and animals

Alan Haskvitz

The study of animals is a great way to get students interested in reading as well as opening the door for research in social studies, science, and art among others. Here are some good links to get students involved.

Using pets in the classroom

Animal lifespans

Zoology links


Butterflies and bugs

The Discovery Channel

Lessons on all types of animals by grade level


Large link site

Uneven quality


How to teach the humane treatment of animals.

Animal adaptions

Great printables

How to draw simple cartoon animals

Animal diaries

Dog crafts


American Kennel Club

ESL pet lessons

Animal classification link

Farm animals

Primary coloring site


History of domesticated animals

Zoo lessons

What pet is best for you test

Animal cameras

Always carefully check these cameras sites first. Some have ads and some may not be working or may take you to another location.

Live animal cams

Zoo cameras

Critter cam