Financial Aid for Teachers, Students

By Alan Haskvitz

There are a variety of sites that offer information about scholarships, grants, and other financial data to help pay for educational related expenses. Because of the numerous sites and the fluctuating requirements it is best to start with the larger ones first before going to the more specific ones. I have tried to list the two major categories here. Regardless, this is one of the largest collections on the Internet, if not the largest, thanks to the Horace Mann Companies.

Horace Mann scholarship

Open to all educators

A huge site

Large link site

Grants, scholarships, and awards


Funding Directories

US Government Aid Sites


Free government guide

You can order this without charge or download it.

American Federation of Teachers Listings

Includes debt forgiveness and local scholarships, too

Yahoo listing

University fellowships

A guide to applying for college

Non-profit organizations

Technology grants

Financial Aid Officer

A very vast site

Funding by location, type

Scholarships by category

Federal Employee related aid sites

A must read article on college scholarship scams

Teacher loan forgiveness explanation

These are college scholarship sites. There may be a cost so beware.

College Net


Scholarship Page

Grad Loans

Sallie May Loan Information

Nellie May

Student loan finder

Scholarship Finder

Ron Brown Scholarship

Hispanic Scholarship

International Forestry Grants

Financial Aid to study in Japan

This is an example of how specific your search needs to be to find financing for your interests and the great many possibilities.