H2 Hummer: Do You Need

Attention This Badly?

By The Car Family

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Hummer H2 reliability just took another tumble when Paul Sr. of Orange County Choppers tried to back his Hummer over a small snow bank and the GM product lost reverse gear and had to be towed. This was on national television no less.  After he was pulled out he decided to jump another snow bank and the short wheelbase, high sitting Hummer almost nose dived.  As of July 2010, Hummer H2 resale values reflect a loss of over $1500 a month.  Add to that high insurance rates, high license fees in some states where the cost of a tag is based on new car value or weight, and the ten miles per gallon fuel economy, and it costs a Hummer H2 owner about $500 a week to own.

THIS JUST IN…Large SUVs such as the Hummer are not legal on many residential roads. Most residential streets are limited to vehicles weighing less than 6000 pounds and the Hummer H1 and H2 weigh over this. Before you buy check you local ordinances or that vehicle you are considering buying may need a parking spot in the community storage lot. http://www.slate.com/id/2104755/

Hummer drivers have almost five times the average number of violations. Which means the worst drivers apparently drive Hummers, according to traffic reports. Makes you wonder how is buying these unsafe vehicles that only the Chinese now apparently are willing to own since a company from that country has bought the brand. Yep, if you are driving a Hummer you are now driving a Chinese vehicle.

Yet another problem with owning the gas hoggish, poorly built, and evil handling Hummer H2 is the fact that drivers of these impediments to travel is that they are 4.63 times more likely to get a traffic ticket than the average driver. No wonder resale is low and General Motors sold off the division at a huge loss.


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