Using pets in the classroom

By National Hall of Fame Teacher Alan Haskvitz

Many teachers use pets in their classrooms to good effect in reaching students, teaching responsibility, learning about biology and many more vital life lessons. But downsides exist, too, such as what to do with animals in summer, what happens if they die or if a room is vandalized, and how to handle care, feeding and expenses, to name a few. In addition, some students may be allergic to the animal. With that in mind, we found the best resources to aid a teacher or parent who might be interested in such a purchase.

One thing to remember is the feelings of the pet in this matter. It is probably going to be handled a great deal, may be left in a cold room over the weekend, and may even be treated poorly. Thus it’s vital not to rush into this decision as there is a life at stake. The best links are here including how to choose a pet, the ASPCA site, and many more with pro and con arguments