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Bookmarks are an extremely effective way to differentiate learning, keep all students active, and provide parents with quality help sites to involve them in the teaching process. Basically, you sign up for one of the free services and place all the Internet sites that might have value to your lesson on the bookmark site. The student can access this site from anywhere in the world and uses the data to add depth to the lesson, do online tests, get homework help, or even have material translated.

You need to get a bookmark site for your class and in it include the state standards for the parents to read as well as good issues that can educate them on how to help their children. Current events can also be placed on the bookmark site as well as sites that show the child how to take notes, do bibliographic data, and even find videos to show complex information that reinforces your classroom lessons.

Here are some bookmark sites that you can explore and sign up for without charge.

Free bookmark manager links

Google bookmark site

Yahoo bookmark manager

Social bookmark listing and more

Please note that social bookmarks may not meet your classroom criteria.


Read about its limits first

A blog about sophisticated bookmark managers that can be used in a variety of ways.

Nice summary of bookmark sites

PC World article on popular sites,128248-page,4-c,sites/article.html