What are the best selling vehicles?

By The Car Family

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According to SEMA and Ward’s Auto articles, vehicle sales continued to drop for most companies. Chrysler id has a ten percent increase in sales led by the minivan and Jeep sections.

 General Motors found that the nicely done
Acadia and Outlook pushed sales upward in that segment. Both vehicles are far superior to the Hummer except for deep off-roading. The terrific Chevrolet Impala is finally getting recognition and increased sales were recorded for this front wheel drive vehicle, too. Unexpectedly, small cars did not sell well even though the Cobalt is one of the best ones around.
Equally unexpected was Ford’s sales figures that showed that the top heavy and gas hoggish Expedition increased in sales. The much superior Lincoln MKX and Ford Edge also improved, but Ford sales continue to fall as they lack new products. All that money paid for the Ford GT so that a few rich dealers and their friends could drive around in something unique hasn’t improved Ford’s image or sales.

Tundras and the Lexus line kept
Toyota in the driver’s set as far as sales were concerned. The large and gas guzzling large SUVs did not do well. The best car
Toyota offers in terms of a SUV is the RX which gets over 23 mpg. The others are very fuel inefficient.
Toyota’s reputation as producing gas sippers does not extend to its SUVs.

Light truck sales, that very lucrative market were companies can swell their bank balances, is still going strong with over 50 percent of the market being in this category. General Motors is tops with Ford and
Toyota following. Chrysler lags.

In terms of best selling vehicles the Camry was first, the Accord, second, and the Corolla/Matrix next. Chevrolet’s Impala was fifth. The Civic, Altima, Cobalt, Focus, Prius, and Ford Fusion rounded out the top ten. As for trucks it was the Ford 150, Chevrolet Silverado and Dodge Ram in the top three spots.

The future looks especially dim for Ford as their new products are few and far between. The advertising and public relations dollars spent to push Mustang sales is all fine and good but only a small portion of the country is interested in these sedans regardless of how puffy you make the engines. General Motors has an abundance of new vehicles coming online, especially the revitalized Saturn line.
Toyota has a new Corolla and redone Scion ready and waiting and, as usually, perfectly timed with fuel price hitting record levels.

Experts have indicated that if people just cut back two percent the fuel prices could drop over a dollar. Or, if they would just not buy vehicles that averaged less than 20 mpg the price would go down even more.