2006 Infiniti M45

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Infiniti’s M45 is a ready to romp luxury sports sedan that offers both technology and luxury at a price point in the $40,000-$50,000 range. It comes in four forms with our choice being the less expensive six-cylinder M35 version. Also available are an all wheel drive model, the V8 M45 with its 335 horsepower, and a sport model with Rear Active Steering.

Mom’s view: This is an executive vehicle and quite capable of handling any situation with its big V8 motivation, smooth five speed transmission, and abundance of features. It is pleasant to drive, but rear visibility is limited and the M45 is not that nimble when parking is tight. Safetywise you get ABS, vented disc brakes, an electronic braking assistance program, stability control, front and side airbags and side curtain airbags, active head restraints in front, a tire pressure monitor, and even a lane departure warning system. The seats are firm, but not Mercedes hard, and the feel of the interior fabrics, woods, and leathers, reassure you that this is a luxury vehicle.  Perhaps what spoils you most about Infiniti M ownership is a recognition “key” that alerts the car to your presence and unlocks the door and does a variety of other tasks prior to you pushing on the start pushing to ignite the engine. I never had to I fumble through my handbag looking for the key. Infiniti’s rear is its weak spot. The trunk lid does not open enough when the remote is used and you have to put your hand under the always dirty rear bumper to gain access. The trunk is also not that large with just 15 cubic feet of space. There is a ski pass through.

Dad’s view: This is a tightly bound, athletic sedan capable of getting to 60 mph in less than six seconds. The 5-speed automatic transmission with a manual shift mode slightly tames the 340 lb-ft of torque and you can reach 100 mph in a quarter mile. Standard features abound with leather upholstery, a 10-way adjustable memory capable driver’s seat, one-touch up-and-down power windows, dual-zone automatic climate control, and heated outside mirrors. Although not light on its feet, the M is quite capable of matching more sporty cars when cornering.

College going male’s view:

The best option for me was the 14-speaker Bose Studio Surround sound system with digital 5.1 channel decoding. It was the finest stereo I have ever heard in a car that was not added on by an aftermarket tuner. Clear, concise, and readily capable. You must listen to this system. Period.  Those riding in the back seats with the Premium Package will find them heated and able to recline. There is also a DVD system with an LCD that folds out of the ceiling. By the way, if you have the DVD screen lowered it blocks the rear view mirror.

Young working woman’s view: Most interestingly, the optional lane departure system on the Infiniti uses a camera to detect lane markings and buzzes the driver when the car crosses that line. It is deactivated under 45 mph or when you use the turn signals. The M has a four year/60,000 mile warranty and the ranges from about $40,000 for the base M35 to $49,750 for the M45 Sport model.  I was frankly disappointed with the travel range with the Infiniti M45 as we barely got 350 miles on the 20-gallon tank before we had to sell another acre of land for fuel. Other than that I would highly recommend this vehicle to those who really like to drive.

Family conference: The Infiniti M Class is such a giant leap forward that it is hard to imagine why anyone interested in a sporty and luxurious vehicle would not consider it. For a list of all vehicle websites go to http://www.reacheverychild.com and click on business.