Resources to help with special education students

By Alan Haskvitz, national motivational speaker


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Hearing impaired
Mental Health
Visually impaired

Attention Deficit Disorder

Learning disabilities

Special education resources


Writing Individual Education Programs (IEPs)

IEP beginnings

IEP references

Legal references

Special education/IEP links

Special Education Software—not free

IEP beginnings

Writing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for Success

American Hyperlexia Association Individualized Education Program
A long, but well organized, look at what to expect and how to prepare for an IEP meeting from the standpoint of all participants

Autism Society of America Individualized Education Plan
Provides a comprehensive overview of an IEP, according to legislation, and gives practical examples

Checklist for Effective IEPs

Council for Exceptional Children
Get the latest news about IDEA.

Did You See Your Regular Ed Teacher at Your IEP Meeting?
Here’s why regular education teachers need to attend IEP meetings.

IDEA Resources
This very useful site has the major legal provisions of Section 504 in downloadable format for presentations and use.

IEP Ideas for Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Children

IEP Online Tutorial:
Development of an IEP
Parts of the IEP

Individualized Education Plan
Very simple template

Individualized Education Program – the Process

A Parent’s Guide to the Individual Educational Plan (IEP)

Seven Habits of Highly Effective IEP Teams
An easy-to-read article that is

Special education/IEP links

DMOZ Special Education directory
Link sites to many special education organizations

FamilyVillage School & Community Inclusion
Link site for inclusion information

My Child’s Special Needs
Government sites

Special Education Software—not free


Edinformatics Computers in Education

EZ-IEP Online
Free trial offered

Google Directory – Special Education