Finding Online Help with Math and Algebra

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If you are interested in getting a free preAlgebra practice workbook scroll down to the bottom of these links. No gimmicks and no charges. Even shipping is free.

Math is one area in which parents and students are always seeking additional help. As such I have put together an extensive list of resources and placed them here. They include homework help, basic foundation practice, and advanced math practice as well as games. They are placed at this site due to space restrictions.

General site

Math for fun

General Math help sites

Math for beginners

Elementary and middle school math

K-12 math links

Math teacher links

Puzzles and activities

Math and architecture lesson plan

Great for all levels.

Higher level math

Printable flash cards

Primary math links

Math grants

Math homework help sites

Are you interested in getting a free pre-Algebra workbook that is over 100 pages and does not contain any ads? My publisher is going to make them available at the end of summer in classroom sets. Just email me through my site and click on my name. It automatically connects you. This is all free and sponsored by the new car dealers association. No gimmicks, no ads, just teacher-to-teacher help.