2007 Honda Civic Sedan Review

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With starting prices ranging from below $14,000 to above $20,000 (US) the new Honda Civic has reasserted itself at the head of the class with exceptional fuel mileage, ride, braking, and literally in your face instrumentation.

Mom’s view: Despite its Toyota Prius like profile, the Civic is a much better vehicle than previous models. The interior is very iPodish with boldly colored gauges and a digital speedometer that can’t be ignored tucked just below the very steeply racked windshield. The automatic transmission dulls the reaction of the 140-hp engine, but still provides excellent economy seldom going below 30 mpg. We averaged about 34 in mixed driving. The 60/40 fold down rear seats of our EX test car expanded the trunk space, but there wasn’t as much room as the Toyota Prius. Honda did the right thing by providing standard side curtain airbags and ABS which are reassuring in smaller vehicles. You can even order a hotrod Si coupe with a 197 horsepower engine if you want to tempt the highway gods. Overall, I liked the Civic, but would go with the standard transmission.

Dad’s view: Larger, more powerful, more expensive, and more refined, the Civic sedan easily is the best in this segment at this moment. The four-cylinder engine with either the 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic work well together.

Honda Civic video review

However, the engine gets quite loud when acceleration demands are accentuated. Other than that this is a fairly quiet ride. Braking and steering are exceptional for the price. Overall a marked improvement with room for four and hybrid like fuel mileage, but not a speed merchant.

Young working woman’s view: There is actually room for two adults in the back seat. The seating in front is very good, with everything easy to use, even the emergency brake located under the stereo. By the way, if you get the GPS option be prepared to use the steering wheel ancillary gauges because the heating controls seem to always be in the way. The digital gauges are brightly lighted blue with white and red lettering at all times. It definitely keeps you awake. The steering wheel tilts and telescopes and has a good feel. It takes a while to get used to the speedometer’s placement, but it is much appreciated for us leadfoots. Storage areas are most everywhere, but those in the back don’t get cupholders. The remote opens the trunk just enough to get your hand under it and the cargo area is adequate, but the hinges and smallish pass through into the rear seats makes loading large objects a trial and error process.

College going male’s view: Pay the extra and get the EX rather than the bargain priced DX or LX. You get alloy wheels, a moonroof, the split rear folding seatbacks, two extra speakers, steering wheel controls, and jack for plugging in your downloaded music players, hopefully filled with my CD at www.simple-thoughts.net, and most everything else. The upgraded stereo isn’t too bad, the radio reception above average, and the whole package is tight.

Family conference: A new Civic that is worthy of your attention, but don’t overlook the competition form Mazda and new Volkswagen. Best of all, don’t forget those superior crash test scores and the available hotrod Si version. Also available as a hybrid, coupe, and sports coupe. Bottom line: The best Honda ever for the price. For a list of all vehicle websites go to http://www.reacheveychild.com and click on business.