Why Students Cheat

by Alan Haskvitz

USA Today All American Educator, Reader’s Digest Hero in Education, national inservice provider


cheat in school for several reasons, including the following:

Pressure to get good grades;

Being unprepared;

The challenge of trying to get away with it.

Unfortunately by cheating the student is setting a pattern for life.  Instead of accepting the challenge of learning, they accept the challenge of not getting caught.
Impact of Cheating

Students cheat in numerous ways. Some methods include:  crib notes,  plagiarism from existing papers/reports or the Internet, copying, or giving test questions to a classmate. Students rationalize complex reasons from “I didn’t understand the question” to “He copied from me.”  The latter is especially difficult because students often don’t think it is wrong to help a friend; they misapply the sharing concept learned in younger years to rationalize their actions.
In reality, the majority of students who cheat do so to improve their chance for success in the long run.  Students feel good grades will get them into a good college or university and into a good job. In other words, the means justify the end. ….

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