Bentley 6.0 Continental GT Mulliner Coupe


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This is the car that one-ups everything else on the road. Okay, we only had it for the weekend, but we strongly believe at love at first sight. We are not talking logic here, we are talking about an affective domain swayed by people running out of buildings to lust over its sculptured lines and peer into its leather coiffed interior.

The big question how does it drive? Well, it is so user friendly that it is almost disappointing. There is almost no wind noise, the acceleration is linear, the exhaust note is consistent, and only a quick look at the 200 mph speedometer reveals that you are always going faster than you think. Just the drone of the huge tires mars an otherwise mild journey only hampered by less noble vehicles, archaic speed laws, and the awareness that this is why doctors become real estate agents so they afford one.

Not everything was to our liking with the Bentley. The headlights weren’t as powerful as we would have expected. The interior lighting was not very good and the reception on the radio was only par. Rear and side visibility is limited and the column mounted transmission control paddles and the turn signal take time to master.

Driving a $172,000 Bentley on a daily basis is like nothing else. You have 552 horsepower from a V12 engine, twin turbochargers, a six speed automatic transmission, and a self leveling suspension that you can also set for different heights as well as a luxury ride or sporty one. 12 miles per gallon never felt so good.

Dad’s views: This is the car you want your ex to see you driving. I asked Bentley to sell me this car. Either they thought I was kidding or they did a credit check, because I didn’t hear back from them. In town the Bentley is cooperative and it is only when you pull onto the US
1 or a I-95/I-295 entry ramp that you experience what removes a man’s conscience from his wallet. You glance at the traffic, see an open spot, press on the petrol pedal, and grab cowhide. There is nothing to alert you to what you are doing except a well-mannered growl. You are instantly over the speed limit. Fortunately, the Bentley is equipped with huge (15.9-inch-diameter front rotors and 13.2-inch rear discs) brakes that can take the edge off your exuberance. You can get to 60 mph in less than five seconds without fuss. I think I’ll call Bentley again.

Mom’s view: I could not get enough of the way the Bentley V12 sounded as the exhaust straddled the line between reedy and brutish, and knowing that there were only a handful of cars in the world that could stay with the Bentley and fewer still would have room for groceries, dry cleaning, and children. Knowing that the valet would park this front and center tempted me into having no less than three light lunches in three days. No homecooked meals for my family while the keys to the Bentley remained in my freshly manicured clutches. Make my Bentley black with the tan interior and make my gas credit card gold.

Young Working Man’s View: Driving around town you never forget you are in a heavy automobile. It smoothers bumps, scoffs at most pot holes, and levels all sorts of imperfections that mar your way. If that isn’t enough tactile feedback, the seats have heat and massage modes. The performance is brilliant and the fit and finish as expected for a car in this price strata. I couldn’t help but think of Lao-Tzu’s quote, The journey of a thousand leagues begins beneath your feet as I pressed deeper into the throttle. And just for an instant it felt like Scotty had beamed me up.

Young working woman’s view: Safety wise the Bently has most everything from an abundance of side and front airbags and curtains to stability and brake controls to active head restraints. It draws admiring glances from everyone and is a hoot to drive at any speed. Getting into the backseat isn’t easy, but those so admitted should feel lucky for the privledge. I called my insurance representative and asked what the cost of covering this coupe would be. When she asked “Would the Bentley be used for business or pleasure?” I couldn’t help but laugh. Driving a Bentley is always a pleasure.

Family conference: The Bentley GT has every other car covered. And althought the price may seem high it is a bargain when compared to other super coupes with this much horsepower, a V 12 engine, and a racing heritage. It is an instant classic. For a list of vehicle websites go to and click on business.