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By Alan Haskvitz

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No sense paying for that classic book when so many are downloadable without charge. This is also perfect for parents of advanced students as well as those who just like to reread some short stories and novels from the past.

General link pages

Features over 400 Free Book Notes / Study Guides / Online Chapter Summary Notes

Link page to free electronic downloads

From the University of Pennsylvania

Lists over 10,000 books that have full-text available online. Mostly books of historic interest that are no longer under copyright.

Free online books

All types

Free online literature books

Free books, free books on tapes, free libraries

Extensive list

Free books, all subjects, from Britain

Mainly classics

Check carefully, some topics a bit adult in theme

Free Classics Online

Free online library

Wide range for older students

Author search

Mainly classics

33571 Mostly free

All topics

For younger readers

International Children’s Library

Children’s Storybooks Online

Also ideas on where to publish your own work.

Free online coloring books

Specific free education books

Geography – An Outline of American Geography Online Textbook

Geology – Earth Science

Knowing What Students Know: The Science and Design of Educational Assessment (2001)

Teaching – How People Learn

Innovations in Online Learning: Moving Beyond No Significant Difference

Collaborative Teaching:
Special Education for Inclusive Classrooms

Mainly textbooks at high school and college level