Route 66 Sites to See Links
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If you are planning a trip on Route 66 here are the best links
From the Department of Transportation.
Huge link sites with everything for the traveller.
General Highway History Site
From the data on time periods and highways.
United States Forest Service in Arizona has this short story about the highway and how it got its number.
Updated government study of Route 66
Route 66 Magazine
Mostly commercial, but some handy event guides.
Route 66 Associations:
California Historic Route 66 Association
Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona
National Historic Route 66 Federation
New Mexico Route 66 Association
Oklahoma Route 66 Association
Route 66 Association of Illinois
Route 66 Association of Missouri
Route 66 Weather and City Sites
Texas Old Route 66 Association
Preservation Organizations:
California Route 66 Preservation Foundation
Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program
Virtual tour of Route 66
Route 66: The Television series
Route 66 Dust Bowl
Mainly about the exodus rather than about Route 66.
The Great American Footrace Along Route 66
The most famous race ever. From Los Angeles to New York.

An interesting site. Look at the differences between the Lincoln Highway, Roue 40, and Route 66.

What else, the words to the famous Route 66 theme song.